As water levels of the reservoir Lake Mead continue to drop, authorities have made a shocking discovery that has become somewhat expected in this area.

This Saturday, the fourth set of human remains was found at the Lake Mead National Recreation Center. The first corpse to be found in the area was stuffed in a barrel with a gunshot wound and recovered back in May.

In this case, the skeletal remains were noticed in the public Swim Beach area, which is also where the last body parts were recently found.

The investigation into these remains is unfortunately quite difficult for the Las Vegas Metropolitan police. Due to the nature of water damage to the bodies over, however, long they were submerged, it is even more difficult to establish a time or cause of death than it usually is.

Lake Mead was created by the Hoover Dam and is an indispensable drinking water resource for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, due to increasing droughts exacerbated by climate change, the reservoir is only at 27% of its full capacity.

Las Vegas has since had to reinstall pumps deeper in the river to get the water needed from the lake, and the states of Nevada, Arizona and California will be collaborating to spend $200 million to keep more water in Lake Mead.

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