Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour was arrested for drunk driving last January and has completed treatment for alcohol abuse.


The charges were promptly dropped on completion of the course. The 48-year-old former Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model was stopped by police for backing her Range Rover into another car on an exit ramp of Interstate-95. At the time, she refused sobriety tests but exhibited signs of drunkenness.

That same day, Seymour crashed into a utility pole near her home but fled the scene. All charges for drunk driving and evading responsibility were dropped today under Connecticut state’s accelerated rehabilitation and alcohol education programs for first-time offenders. To do so, Seymour completed an outpatient alcohol abuse program, attended at least 2 AA meetings per week, and met with two victims of drunk driving accidents.

“I’m glad this unfortunate event has been brought to a close and I hope that people can learn from this,” Seymour said in a statement. In court last year, she said she was ashamed of her actions. Her lawyer, Philip Russell insists that Seymour did not receive any special treatment during the deliberations.

Seymour currently lives with her billionaire husband Peter Brant in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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