A strange countdown clock has just appeared on the Foo Fighters’ website. Framed with a picture of a dog-like sculpture sitting atop a bannister, it’s is counting down to Nov. 22.

What the clock is counting down to, however, is anyone’s guess as the site gives no clues as to what fans can expect from the band on the fated day.

There is of course plenty of speculation on what the rockers might be planning. Most seem to think it could be something to do with a second season of the band’s Sonic Highways series. Frontman Dave Grohl had previously teased it was in the works though gave no concrete hint as to when it would be released.

Another theory is that it could be a re-release Sonic Highways deluxe-edition, aimed to reignite interest in the project and help boost sales. Other think it might be a live album, as background noise on the page sounds suspiciously like off-mic chatter and general sounds you’d hear backstage at a show.

Other are more optimistic and are hoping the boys are about to drop an entirely new studio album.
Only time will tell.

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