Maybe Newt Gingrich can provide backup vocals. Grammy-winning rock band Foo Fighters are setting their sights on some pretty high ambitions for their next album — like out-of-this-world high.

They want to record in space.

Lead singer Dave Grohl confessed that he wants an original-sounding recording, and is willing to leave earth's atmosphere to get it. "We have an idea," Grohl told MTV. "It's kind of a really big idea. We're going to record it in space. To tape. An analogue moonshot."

But Foo Fighters aren't the only ones aiming for an extra-terrestrial recording session. Muse is also planning to travel on one of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic flights, according to "We're trying to get a free trip into space," Muse Frontman Matt Bellamy said in 2011. "I'm going to try to convince Richard Branson to let us make a music video or record a song up there. I think that would be cool. Would I be scared? I think I'll be alright."

Now imagine an intergalactic Battle of the Bands face-off with a moonwalking Simon Cowell as judge, and it might just become a reality.

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