Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, 43, dropped a bomb on his Leeds, England crowd on Sunday night when he wrapped up the Reading and Leeds Festival, revealing that the much-beloved Foo Fighters will not be performing again for awhile.

"Well, well, well, the f–king Reading Festival," Grohl said to the crowd early on in the Foo Fighters' set, reports E! Online. "You guys realize we've got a lot of songs to play. It's the last show of the tour and it's the last show for a long time."

Grohl and the Foo Fighters then played a 26-song set, which included "Walk," "Monkey Wrench," "These Days," "Everlong," and a remembrance to Nirvana frontman, the late Kurt Cobain. The concert fell 20 years after Nirvana performed its last show in England.

Grohl then led the crowd in a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for his mother, which Nirvana also did in 1992 when they played the festival twenty years ago.

Grohl also appeared to have forgotten that the Foo Fighters are booked for at least a few more short performances in September, including a Rock the Vote, the Democratic National Convention and the DeLuna Fest.

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