The First Family spent Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket and it seemed mostly uneventful, but there was a surprising car fire that damaged vehicles rented by the Secret Service. No injuries occurred luckily, but the blaze apparently happened less than 50 feet from several large jet fuel tanks at the airport.

These five cars had been returned last weekend at a Hertz Car Rental facility near Nantucket Memorial Airport after being used to transport Secret Service agents minding President Joe Biden and his family during their stay.

A spokesman for the Secret Service, Anthony Gugliemi, told Insider that the First Family never entered the vehicles and they were “returned without incident” after the trip.

It’s unclear what caused the fire, but one of the vehicles rented was a Ford Expedition, which was recently placed under recall by the manufacturer for battery issues. According to Gugliemi, one of the Ford cars first caught fire, but there was also a Ford Explorer there, so it’s unclear if the recalled car started the fire.

Local publication The Nantucket Current obtained footage of the blaze, and photos from after the incident show that the cars were heavily damaged.

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