The team behind the Roku Channel’s upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story has got the wheels moving in production after the film was announced last month, and we’re already getting a look at the film’s star Daniel Radcliffe in costume playing Yankovic’s signature accordion.

Yankovic has been providing humorous updates from the set on social media that have still been light on showing actual elements of the movie, like this goofy photo of his “favorite apple box,” from last week.

Shoot day number eight’s update was far more exciting, however, as we got to see a photo of Radcliffe on set in full costume and makeup, pressing keys on an accordion. Radcliffe’s shorter curled wig may confuse current fans of Yankovic, who now has extremely long hair, but he looks like a dead ringer for Al, especially in the parody singer’s early career. Here’s the photo Yankovic shared of Radcliffe, or the “cosplayer weirdo” as he lovingly put it.

Fans are clamoring to see more details from this film as it continues its second week in production. These official photos may have been released in response to paparazzi shots that leaked from the set showing Radcliffe partially costumed.

This film is being directed by Eric Appel, from a screenplay co-written by Appel and Yankovic that will reportedly chronicle much of the singer’s career and leave little off the table. This concept was first tried by Appel when he made it as a hilarious parody trailer for Funny Or Die, which you can still watch on YouTube.

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