If you want to hear what your Fender actually sounds like on-stage, it now looks like Fender has you covered. In a move from making products that make music to those that help you listen to it, the legendary instrument company is now offering in-ear monitors for performers. A recent review from Engadget also suggests they make for some pretty great casual earbuds, too.

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With a shiny speckled blue finish reminiscent of an electric guitar, the Fender In-Ear Monitors fit snugly in your ear and are said to be suited for bass players and drummers. Roberto Baldwin, the review, and signer in several bands, has also suggested that the guitars, vocals and just about everything else sound better than expected, and work for singers with a low register. Pursuant with Fender’s own recommendation, their in-ear monitors excel in the low-end, bass notes, whereas cymbals and high-pitches noises yield somewhat flat-sounding audio. There’s also an added noise-cancelling feature to the earbuds. Further specs list a full-range frequency response, and detachable MMCXi cables, which reduce signal loss.

The Fender FXA2 are a great budget set of earbuds for musicians and casual music-lovers alike. For those wanting an even better monitoring experience, Fender also offers a suped-up FXA6 pair for $400.