The premiere for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story took place at the Tate Modern contemporary art museum in London today, with Stormtroopers guarding the entrance and red carpet.


All the stars were present, including Felicity JonesDiego LunaBen MendhelsohnForest WhitakerRiz AhmedDonnie YenMads Mikkelsen and Alan Tudyk. The film’s logos were projected along the gallery walls and the main hall.

Rogue One, the first spinoff movie int he Star Wars franchise is a prequel to the numbered films, that began in the 70s with Episodes 4, 5, and 6. it is the first reboot since Disney bought Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4 billion in 2012. “I looked back at those early films and used them as inspiration but I definitely wanted Jyn to be her own person,” said Jones, who is known for her work in The Theory of Everything.

“It’s the people that have to come out and fight for freedom,” Luna says of the characters in the film. “I love that, I think it’s a good message to send today.”

Rogue One will open in theaters this Friday, Dec. 16. Star Wars: Episode VIII is currently in the works as well, and is due out in Dec. 2017. “It’s doing great,” says producer Kathleen Kennedy. “We’re chugging along in the cutting room.”

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