After the rapper Lil Tjay was shot last week by an attempted robber in New Jersey, several unconfirmed reports have cropped up claiming the rapper has been paralyzed or passed away from his injuries.

One Twitter account claimed that the rapper is “paralyzed for the rest of his life,” and that he only has “a 15% chance to survive the attack.” Other tweets from the same account conflicted with the claim, however, as another said Tjay has passed away while one more said he is in good condition.

The most recent medical update from a source close to Lil Tjay as of last Thursday. They said he went through emergency surgery, was still unconscious as of Thursday and hasn’t shown any movement besides moving his legs.

Mohammed Konate was arrested for three counts of attempted murder for shooting Tjay and another man while attempting to rob the rapper and his two friends in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Tjay, a rapper with a unique and melodic style of delivery, just dropped the single “Lavish (Freestyle)” which is a part of his upcoming EP, Strictly4MyFans.

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