Marvel Studios’ Black Panther has been a remarkable success, performing well critically and commercially. However, the film has unintentionally made news again, this time because of one fan’s personal happenstance while watching the blockbuster.


Sophia Robb, a fan of Michael B. Jordan, was watching the film, becoming excited when the actor finally appeared shirtless. She became so excited, in fact, that she accidentally snapped her retainer in half from clenching her teeth so hard. She then made an emergency visit to her orthodontist, who in turn posted the story on Tumblr. A screenshot of his post eventually made its way to Twitter, where Robb discovered it:

Robb’s own tweet has since gone viral too, with countless people affectionately saying her story is funny and cute. Jordon has taken notice, responding to Robb with an apology and an offer to replace her broken retainer:


Moreover, Jordon followed Robb on Twitter. All of this attention has been “overwhelming” for the 18-year-old, who’s concerned she’ll “never say anything as funny as that story.” But she’s taking it all in stride, keeping her initial tweet pinned and writing in her bio that she’s “the girl who broke her retainer over Michael B Jordan.”

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