Marlon Wayans teamed up with Cedric the Entertainer for Paranomal Activity spoof A Haunted House, but he soon found out that as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, so did “The Entertainer.” “Ced is a blast, man, like, he’s so much fun like, onscreen, but I think he’s a little heavy,” Wayans told Uinterview exclusively. “So, after he finishes his take, he’ll be like ‘Man, you know what to do with all this crazy stuff,’ and then he just sleeps [snores]!”

Wayans, dubbed Daffy Duck by his like-humored brothers, claims he’ll do just about anything for a good laugh. “In this movie, I’m like naked, like three and a half times,” he told Uinterview. “I literally don’t care. When it comes to the laugh, I’m just like, ‘Let’s go for it.’ I will go ass out, any day for a laugh. I would literally set myself on fire for the laugh.”