Modern jazz singer/songwriter Spencer Day, 30, has already released three albums, but it's his latest one — Shadow Man, due in September — that he feels most represents what it's like to be human. "The title track, 'Shadow Man,' really sums up what I was trying to go for — a psychological exploration of coming to terms with the light and dark parts of ourselves and coming out of the other side of difficult experiences," Day said in our exclusive interview, in which he also talked about his upbringing, his musical influences and his approach to fashion.

Known for hit songs like "Till You Come to Me" and "Weeping Willow," Day is eager for fans to see a new side of his musical talents, which Shadow Man will reveal. "The lyrics feel very much a part of the time, and I think the big change for me is that I moved my focus from jazz to the music I love from the early ‘60s — essentially paying tribute to Springfield or Roy Orbison and incorporating a lot of the spaghetti western sounds that Ennio Morricone would have used," he said, adding: "There’s a lot more of a guitar-driven sound, and probably more — sometimes it sounds like a dirty word — but it’s more pop than my other stuff."

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