Irish actor Cillian Murphy has appeared in his fair share of supernatural films: 28 Days Later, Inception and — now — the paranormal activity film Red Lights, written and directed by renowned Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés. But just because Murphy has witnessed some strange happenings onscreen doesn’t mean he is a believer in the occult.

“I’m afraid I’m quite boringly rational,” Murphy said during our exclusive interview in response to a fan’s question, explaining further: “I would call myself a skeptic. I’m not a cynic, I’m open and curious — you know, you’ve got to be open to these things, but I’ve yet to experience anything that can’t be explained.”

Cortés agreed, adding that though he has never witnessed the supernatural with his own two eyes, he would like to. “I’m afraid I’m as boring as Cillian, if not more,” he said. “I would love to see something out of the ordinary, but not yet.”

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