Alex Morgan On U.S. Soccer, Olympics by Uinterview

Alex Morgan, 23, is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about U.S. competitors in the 2012 London Olympics, along with her soccer teammate Hope Solo. Morgan’s rise to fame got a dramatic boost last week when she was credited with saving the day at the Olympic openers soccer game, scoring two goals against France in one match, but she’s also known for her famous body paint bikini photo shoot in this year’s Sports: Illustrated, Swimsuit Issue, in which she wore a colorful, patriotic, teeny bikini that was literally painted on.

Morgan sat down exclusively with Uinterview right before the London games to talk about the diet regimen that allows her to keep the hot bikini body that delighted Sports: Illustrated fans everywhere in the 2012 edition, which featured Kate Upton, 21, on the cover.

“I definitely try to have a healthy diet,” she told Uinterview, “whether that’s eating blueberries at breakfast or putting an avocado in my salad. You know, simple super foods like that that are healthy in my diet,” Morgan explained.

In terms of physical fitness, Morgan is no stranger to pushing herself, but she also promotes the importance of muscle recovery in optimal health and performance. “So our fitness coach, Dawn Scott, she wants us to be in top shape for the Olympics, and in order to do that, we do wear heart-rate monitors and GPS trackers every practice and every game. That helps monitor how much we’re in our top heart rate zone … [and helps us see] how much recovery we should have.”

Both Morgan and Scott are serious about recovery. “I think recovery is almost the most important part of building fitness, because if you never recover your muscles, you’re not ever going to be at that line of building fitness. You’re always going to sort of always break your muscles down and never give them time to recover,” Morgan said.

Whatever her strategy, it seems to be working, both on and off the field. But even though Morgan is becoming famous for her hard body and fierce athleticism, she’s no stranger to treating herself. Like most Olympians, she plans on letting her dietary guard down after the games have wrapped. “After the Olympics, I’m really looking forward to splurging on a hamburger and some really fatty desserts,” she told us.

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