Entourage star Adrian Grenier has a lot of options when it comes to celebrity endorsements. But he turns most of them down – unless they meet his high standards for eco-friendliness and sustainability. “I did not want to be a pawn of the game – I want be part of the creative process,” Grenier told an audience at New York Advertising Week on Tuesday of his requirements for brand engagement. “I’d been offered lots of things before. They weren’t right for me. I’m appreciative of the opportunity, but I don’t want some sort gnawing feeling for selling out.”

Grenier didn’t accept any endorsements while he was on the hit HBO show. “I was becoming famous. I needed to figure things out before I decided what i wanted to do,” he said.


Since leaving the show, Grenier has focused on his work on his sustainability platform, Shift.com. He has created a viral campaign against single-use straws – a plague for oceans. For one sponsorship, he insisted that the model he worked with also share his feelings about sustainability.

He was also named a U.N. Environmental Goodwill Ambassador. “It tells me I’m actually doing something,” he said. “It gives me legitimacy.”

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