Evelyn Yang, wife of presidential candidate Andrew Yang, says that she was sexually assaulted by her gynecologist. Evelyn said that she was inspired to come forward because of the amount support she has received campaigning with her husband. “Meeting people, and seeing the difference that we’ve been making already has moved me to share my out story about… sexual assault,” said Evelyn in an interview with CNN.

Evelyn first experienced this sexual misconduct in 2012. She was pregnant with her first child and decided to visit a OB/GYN, Dr. Robert Hadden. At first, there was nothing out of the ordinary with her visits, but they started to get worse after a few months. Evelyn says that Hadden started to ask her inappropriate, prying questions about her sexual activity. Soon, Hadden made her have unnecessary, frequent examinations. The worst assault came when she was seven months pregnant. At the end of one visit, Evelyn said that Hadden grabbed her, undressed her and then internally examined her without wearing gloves. “I was confused, and then I realized what was happening, and then I just kind of froze,” said Yang of the incident. Afterwards, Evelyn never returned to Hadden’s practice. She initially told no one about what had occurred, including her husband and family.


Months later, she received a letter in the mail stating that Hadden has left his practice. After a quick online search, Evelyn discovered that another woman had accused him of sexual assault and reported it to the police. She soon contacted a lawyer and discovered that multiple other women had also accused the doctor of similar sexual misconduct and assault. Evelyn began to work with an Assistant District Attorney to form a case. However, after a few more months, the Manhattan D.A. had reached a plea deal with Hadden, in which he would lose his medical license and register as the lowest level of sex offender. Of the nine charges against him, Hadden only pleaded guilty to two. He faced no jail time. “We were betrayed twice,” said Evelyn about the plea deal.

When asked why she decided to go public with her story, Evelyn responded that she could use her fame to give a public voice to what many women unfortunately experience. “This is very hard to come out with, but I hope and I have to believe that it’s worth it,” said Evelyn.

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