Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Y. Gray) starts his reign as CEO.

‘Empire’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

He addresses the press to confirm that the company was started by his parents and he plans on keeping it in the family bloodline.

Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) gets a sign from God that Rhonda’s (Kaitlin Doubleday) fall was not an accident. He thinks someone pushed her.

The LGBT community call Jamal (Jussie Smollett) a flip flop since he doesn’t seem to know what he wants. He goes to Jameson to try and figure out how to gain the respect of the community again.

Camilla (Naomi Campbell) openly admits that it’s only a matter of time before her wife dies, making her the primary shareholder of Empire. Camilla plans to have herself and Hakeem rule together.

Jamal is infuriated when he finds that his father is the one ruining his reputation within the gay community. Luscious is trying to tarnish his reputation to bring himself more votes for the ASA award.

“Your father is a tampon, we already knew that,” Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) told Jamal.

Camilla is getting on Cookie’s last nerve. She tries to cut the budget for Luscious’ (Terrence Howard) music video and Tiana’s (Serayah) tour. Cookie proposes that Hakeem’s girlfriend, Laura (Jamila Velazquez), and her group Mirage a Trois opens for Tiana. Camilla happily agrees to send Laura away on tour to get her away from Hakeem.

Jamal sings an angry message to his father when he performs “Like My Daddy.” He finds it crazy what people do for money and fame and then drops the lyric, “I’d call ya Mr. Lyon, If I did I would be lyin, Cause that ain’t even your name.”

A reporter comes to interview Luscious and he takes the opportunity to tell her the untold story of Dwight Walker. They all know Luscious Lyon but no one knows how he became him.

Andre takes Rhonda to his pastor for marriage counseling where he accuses her of cheating. She tells the pastor that Andre should be seeking medical help.

Hakeem secretly films him and Camilla in order to get his family’s respect. He videotapes Camilla where she admits she’s using her own sick wife for her shares.

Andre runs in to Cookie, Jamal, and Hakeem to inform them that Mimi has dropped all her stock in the company. Hakeem wants reassurance from Cookie that he really can run the company. She thinks this is a step in the right direction.

Jamal and Hakeem bring Andre into the studio to play a beautiful song they wrote for the pain he’s going through.

Luscious pays a visit to Camilla and finds Mimi dead in a bathtub. He informs her that Hakeem was the one who sent Mimi the videos. Camilla begs him to shoot her but he says he doesn’t owe her any favors and she’ll have to do it herself.

We see Camilla take a swig from a bottle as Luscious leaves the room.

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