Emily Blunt appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday where she dodged questions about whether or not her ex-boyfriend Michael Bublé had cheated on her during their relationship.


While the original purpose of Blunt’s visit on The Howard Stern Show was to promote her new film Sicario, the conversation quickly turned personal, as if often does when Howard Stern is involved.

Stern began by stating that he had met Bublé and thought he was a very nice man, and that he knew Blunt had been “madly in love” with him for a time. Stern then stated that he thought they had been “perfect together.”

“I don´t know if I was perfect with him,” Blunt said, laughing. “But we had a good time.”

“He brought you home to his mother, and she said to him “you better marry this girl”,” Stern said.

“I loved his family,” Blunt responded. “I still do. I love his family.”

Stern then bluntly stated that Bublé was not faithful to her, which led Blunt to go red and do her best to avoid the topic.

“Well, I don’t know if it was, I don’t know, it’s complicated.” Blunt laughed. “Now I’m going red. Because I never talk about it. I never want to talk about it.”

Stern then offered to help her get over her previous relationship by having her pretend he was Bublé, and that she should say whatever she liked to him. Blunt politely declined his offer.

Blunt and Bublé have both moved on and married since their relationship ended. Bublé married Argentinian model Luisana Lopilato in 2011 and Blunt married John Krasinski in 2010.

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