Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama enjoyed a fun shopping trip to CVS this week; the pair got a chance to tape their outing for a segment of Ellen that aired on Wednesday.

Ellen DeGeneres Goes Shopping With Michelle Obama At CVS

DeGeneres decided that Obama needed to pick up a few items just to prepare for life after the White House, so the ladies strolled up to CVS in secret service vehicles and hit the aisles.

Obama seemed to take her shopping seriously, while DeGeneres couldn’t help making the shopping trip a comedic event.

“Here we go Michelle! There’s coupons, because you’re gonna need these probably, I know it’s been a while,” DeGeneres joked as they entered the store. “Then you push the basket, because nobody is gonna push it for you.”


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The women took a stop at a coinstar machine and the First Lady let loose a bag of change while the talk show host broadcasted Obama’s winnings to the store with a bullhorn. “The First Lady is now up to 22 dollars!” DeGeneres called out.

Next, the pair took a walk down the electronics aisle, where they ran into some trouble with shelves of locked items.

Obama used the bullhorn to call for customer assistance and was finally able to pick out some headphones for her daughter Sasha — despite DeGeneres distracting her with a back scratcher. “I’m trying to focus,” Obama told the host.

“You are really not a good person to shop with,” Obama said, watching as DeGeneres later attempted to open a box of wine right in the middle of the aisle.

“Michelle, what kind of cream do you need for that rash you were telling me about?” DeGeneres asked loudly as they headed to check out.

“It’s like taking a three year old to the show,” Obama laughed.

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