Talkshow hostess Ellen DeGeneres has announced via Twitter that she tested positive for COVID-19, and will be taking a break from the air until her quarantine – and the holiday season – has ended.

“Hi Everyone, I want to let you all know that I tested positive for Covid-19,” DeGeneres tweeted within a notes app screenshot. “Fortunately, I’m feeling fine right now. Anyone who has been in close contact with me has been notified, and I am following all proper CDC guidelines. I’ll see you all again after the holidays. Please stay healthy and safe. Love, Ellen.”

After posting a matching screenshot announcement on Instagram, DeGeneres then updated fans with a photo of her looking sick while snuggling her dog, Wally.

“Thank you for all of your sweet messages,” she captioned the photo. “They’re helping a lot. Wally is helping too.”

Most of the replies to both posts were positive, flooded by well-wishers who hoped for her safe recovery. However, on Twitter users continued to point out recent allegations against her for her talkshow’s toxic environment under her COVID-19 announcement.

Ellen has Covid… Darn,” one user tweeted sarcastically. “Well looks like the production crew will have a break from the internment camp you call a show. Get better soon Ellen!

Meanwhile, under her Instagram post, users pointed out that she could get her dog sick.

Wally could get covid,” a few commenters wrote, followed by debates on whether the virus could be passed between dogs and their owners.

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