Elizabeth Hurley shared a graphic picture of her nephew Miles Hurley‘s stab wound and asked for help catching the men that stabbed him.

Miles and a friend were driving when they were involved in a small accident, and there was a chase after the two groups began to argue. Then both groups got out of their cars and Miles and his friends were stabbed after an alleged failed kidnapping. Elizabeth said in a Twitter post, “The suspect also stopped, got out of their vehicle, attempted and failed to abduct my nephew by putting him in the trunk of their car, stabbed them both and drove off.”


She asked her followers on Twitter to aid in the search for the men who attacked her nephew. “Finally, some information on the knifemen who stabbed my nephew last week. Please RT.Thank you.”


She also shared the graphic image of the stab wound. She tweeted, “The is what the knifemen did to my nephew’s back. If you think you know who they are please call 0203 276 2603. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously: 0800 555 111. Please RT.”


Miles posted on Instagram, “Thank you to everyone for sending kind messages to me. I’m still struggling to walk but am slowly recovering. Thank you to my family for being the best”

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The actress said on Instagram “we need to make our streets safer” and she wants be be “part of the movement ” to make that happen.


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