Belgium’s popular zoo Pairi Daiza posted a hilarious video of elephants listening to classical music on their Facebook page June 13, and it has now gone viral.

Elephants Listen To Classical Music In Viral Video

Pairi Daiza was preparing the gardens for their annual musical nights. Violinists from The Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia are expected to play musical pieces on these nights for both animals and visitors. The Facebook video shows one of the violinists rehearsing a classical piece in front of the elephants. The hilarious moment occurs when we watch how the elephants react to hearing the beautiful music.

The elephants in the video hold up their trunks and begin to sway back and forth as the violinist plays. Who says animals can’t conduct music? Because these elephants sure can — very gracefully. The elephant’s trunk actually looks as if it was an orchestra conductor’s baton waving in the air, directing the violinist’s chords.

The elephants seem to really enjoy the classical sounds, when you watch closely the animals almost appear to be in a trance, just absorbing the melody, while moving their heads from side to side slowly. The video received over 200,000 views on Facebook.

Check out these elephants’ conducting skills:

The Pairi Daiza magical night concerts will take place from June 18 to June 20. The zoo has been open since 1993, welcoming about one million visitors a year, and holds over 4,000 animals.

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