Mankind is capable of great feats. Historians estimate that over the course of 85 years from 2589-2504 BC, the ancient Egyptians built the massive Great Pyramids; four years after that in the English country side, humans started the construction of Stonehenge. Since then we’ve had many advances in technology but chief amongst them have been the invention of irrigation, fertilizer and the golf cart all of which have led to that battleground of the weekend warriors at the local country club.

Elderly Man Tries To Tackle An Alligator On Golf Course

In what we can only assume was a show of bravado for his buddies, an older gentleman came to the golf course last weekend and while playing through decided that the alligator lurking in the rough needed to be taught a lesson in respecting his elders. The man, who appears to have either conquered his fear of death or missed every nature show ever about gators, decides it is a good idea to first throw a towel over the eyes of the death machine and then straddle it and try to grab its head and – this is where all logical thought ends because no logical person would ever choose to grab the head of a live alligator.

Once he’s closing in on the gator, his larger scarlet-domed friend comes in to assist, you know, just in case the gator wants two snacks today. Now, of course, this is all only funny because he survived, but seriously, think before trying to fight an animal that has a hunting mechanism called “the death roll”.

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