Chris Pine will star in a film based on the popular fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie will be distributed by Paramount Pictures and written and directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Entertainment One will serve as the company producing the film alongside Paramount Pictures due to Hasbro co-owning the rights to the Dungeons & Dragons game and acquiring the company as of last year.

The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie has been in development for quite some time. The original D&D film was released on December 8, 2000. It was a box office bomb and received overwhelmingly negative reviews from both critics and audiences, who panned the production value, screenplay and performances from the cast, especially coming from Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans, the latter of whom had a character that many people considered to be racially insensitive.

Due to it being a critical and financial failure, the two sequels to the original Dungeons & Dragons movie were unable to gain a theatrical release and were instead released on DVD only. An attempt to make proper Dungeons & Dragons movie was made in 2015 where Rob Letterman was announced to direct a film based on the game starring Ansel Elgort, but nothing came of the project.

In 2017, Joe Manganiello attempted to write a Dungeons & Dragons movie with Chris McKay to direct, only for that project to fall through as well. David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick had completed writing script for the film during that same year, but was unable to get any further in making an adaptation of Dungeon & Dragons. It would not be until July 2019 that another film would finally be able to get off the ground with Daley and Goldstein attached.

Fans can see Chris Pine star in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie directed by Daley and Goldstein on March 27, 2022.

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