Beyoncé and Drake have joined forces on a brand new collaboration, “Can I,” that was leaked on Thursday.

Drake’s “Can I” Leaks

Drake and Beyoncé have worked together before, when he was featured on Beyoncé’s “Mine.” This time, instead of Beyoncé singing the lead, “Can I” is mostly Drake’s song, with Beyoncé providing vocals on a few key phrases used mostly as a sample in the background (the vocals, however, are spoken word, not singing). The leaked version of the track does feature OVO artist Sal Houdini, who sings the hook.

“Can I” is believed to be a track off of Drake’s upcoming album, Views From the 6, and it’s not quite clear how the track got leaked, and Sal Houdini is the only artist involved that has commented on the leak. He took to Instagram to ask fans to delete links to the leaked track if they find them on the internet.

On Friday, Sal Houdini shared another message to fans on Instagram, responding to haters who don’t like his performance on the song, saying that there is an alternate version of the track that has not been released. “You people act like you telling me you don’t want to hear me on the song is making me butt hurt. There’s another version out without me on it for your soft ass ears that can’t handle music,” he wrote.

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