With so many shows based on DC Comics characters, one of the most popular and acclaimed shows is Doom Patrol. While several live-action DC shows like Arrow, Gotham and The Flash have received criticism for their unbalanced tone, inconsistent writing and sometimes poor quality, Doom Patrol has remained consistent in its quality, tone and writing in its first two seasons. Even though that it took a long time for the announcement that Doom Patrol would be renewed for a third season, fans of the show were thrilled to have this confirmed on September 12 during the second half of the DC Fandome event.

Developed by Jeremy Carver, Doom Patrol focuses on a group of people who are forced to live together in a manor with a mysterious scientist named Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton) after they were each physically and mentally disfigured from horrific accidents. This group consists of a foul-mouthed former race-car driver who is turned into a robot (Brendan Fraser), a former golden age actress whose skin can now stretch out to absurd degrees (April Bowlby), a rebellious young woman who suffers from having 64 different personalities with superpowers (Diane Guerrero), the professional-but-arrogant superhero Cyborg (Joivan Wade) and a closeted gay pilot who is now forced to wear bandages to cover up his radioactive skin (Matt Bomer). When Niles is kidnapped by a powerful supervillain, Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk), the team must figure out how to work together and rescue their leader.

However, they soon discover a horrible truth about Niles that neither they nor the audience could see coming. The second season mixes things up by introducing Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro), a powerful young girl and the daughter of Niles, and bringing the emotions of each character to the forefront with separate stories for each. The whole show provides a bizarre and humorous experience that the audience is able to connect with.

While the second season was not able to be properly completed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will still be able to finish the story during its third season now that it has been renewed. Fans can watch Doom Patrol on the HBO Max and DC Universe streaming services.

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