Donald Trump is just about inescapable at the moment, every sensational remark he makes causing media firestorms that perpetuate ad infinitum, occupying news feeds, column inches, televisions, radios, even pumpkins. Not content with Trump’s current level of ubiquity, however, artist David Rappoccio has decided to merge the GOP candidate’s face with every NFL team logo.

Donald Trump’s Face Merged With Every NFL Logo

Inspired by Tom Brady‘s recent glowing endorsement of the Donald’s presidential campaign, Rappoccio’s Trump/NFL mashups are equal parts hilarious and bizarre and can be seen in full at

Here’s a sample of some of the best Trump-ified logos.


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The Vikings helmet look isn’t all altogether terrible on Donald.

His famous catchphrase fits the Raiders’ crest perfectly.

We’re christening this ungodly hybrid the “Donald-fin”.


Okay so his face is missing from this one but it’s a pretty accurate summation.

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