Donald Trump met with Kanye West at Trump Tower in New York City this morning, just hours after canceling a press conference in which Trump promised to discuss the future of his businesses. West was released from the hospital just last week after being treated for exhaustion.


While U.S. presidents are not required to put all business ventures aside for their time in office, Trump plans on giving his children sole power over the Trump business. Given that his children have already played a massive role in his campaign, critics worry that Trump will still be involved in the running of his companies.

Trump previously promised a press conference about just this topic for today, but canceled last night. It seems likely that the president-elect will postpone the meeting until January, or at least until after Dec. 19 when the electoral college cast their official ballots.

So just hours after canceling his important press conference because of his busy schedule, Trump took the time to meet with rapper West, telling that they “have been friends for a long time.” The reason for the visit is not yet clear, but West requested a 15-minute meeting, confirms transition woman Hope Hicks.

West had previously announced his bid for to run for president in 2020 at last year’s Video Music Awards, and now seems keen on working in the political sphere. While West has said he did not vote, he also admitted, “but if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.” This, of course, comes after West appeared with wife and Hillary Clinton supporter Kim Kardashian at a Clinton campaign fundraiser.

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