Veteran ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl says that former president Donald Trump once compared him to his son, Barron Trump, who would not say out loud that he loved his dad.

Karl told the story during his appearance on CNN to promote his new book, Betrayal: The Final Act of The Trump Show. 

CNN anchor John Berman asked Karl if there were any overlooked stories in his book that reveal Trump’s attitude behind closed doors, to which Karl pointed out a story about a meeting with the then-president in his capacity as head of the White House Correspondents Association.

Berman read an excerpt from the book, “The former president says, ‘Jonathan is very neat.’” He told Zeke Miller, “He’s like my son.” Then Trump continued talking to his son. ‘Do you love your father? I don’t know. she’s too neat, kids. ”

“Donald Trump seemed to compare me to his teenage son, Barron, and he likened my lack of enthusiasm to a possible appearance at a White House correspondent dinner to his son’s reluctance to say his love out loud.”

The conversation that takes place in Karl’s book occurred in March 2020 after Karl was summoned to the Oval Office due to the US declaring Covid-19 a national emergency for the first time.

At 6’7”, Barron’s height has recently drawn the former president’s ire for upstaging him.

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