It’s been reported that one of the documents recovered in the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago was the source of Donald Trump’s boasting that he had private intelligence regarding the sex life of French President Emmanuel Macron.

An internal FBI list summarizing seized materials begins with item 1a: “info re: President of France,” with little confirmation on what else was within them.

Trump has reportedly told close associates about the information according sources who spoke to Rolling Stone, but it’s unclear if these recovered files have anything to do with potential details on Macron’s sex life.

The source did insist, however, that it’s “hard to tell if he’s bullsh––ting or not.”


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While they had a cordial first meeting in 2017, when Trump was invited to be the guest of honor in France’s Bastille Day parade, tensions did surface between the two leaders later on when Macron challenged Trump on issues regarding the Iranian nuclear program and NATO funding.

Trump has been a notorious gossip for decades.

Former White House staffer Stephanie Grisham told a story in her memoir that Trump shared a rumor about Justin Trudeau‘s mother’s sex life with her unprompted on Air Force One.

Macron’s relationship was the subject of debate when he first ran for office. He met his wife, Brigitte Macron, when he was only 15 and she was a teacher for a high school theater workshop. They began a relationship when he turned 18, and his parents even unsuccessfully tried to separate them by sending him to Paris to finish school.

Despite being 24 years his senior and the somewhat dubious circumstances of their meeting, Brigitte was reportedly instrumental in his successful presidential campaign.

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