Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) came to Donald Trump’s defense on Steve Bannon’s podcast.

Greene claimed that the former president and his wife are “just sick” that the January 6 insurrectionists are in jail.

“President Trump and Melania were both just sick over what they learned,” she said, referring to the treatment faced by the January 6 defendants, which she called “political persecution.”

This comes shortly after Kanye West visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago and criticized him for not helping those arrested on January 6.

“My question would be, why when you had the chance, did you not free the January 6-ers?” West said in a now-deleted video posted to Twitter.

Before her appearance on the podcast, Greene posted a string of tweets in defense of Trump in response to “criticism against President Trump.”

In one tweet, she wrote, “anyone claiming that President Trump is doing nothing for pre-trial January 6 defendants is either lying, clueless or wants to hurt him.”

The Georgia representative said Trump would pardon the defendants “once he’s back in office in 2024.”

She argued that he couldn’t have done more for them during his tenure because they hadn’t been charged yet.

“The very idea that he could’ve pardoned all the January 6 defendants on January 20 is impossible because the high majority of those people weren’t arrested until after he left office,” she told Bannon. “He had nothing to do with what they did on January 6.”

She called the criticism against him “absurd.”

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