The Directors Guild of America has filed disciplinary charges against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, the former head of the Weinstein Company, has had over 40 women make sexual harassment allegations against him since The New York Times published an expose about his behavior last month.

The DGA President Thomas Schlamme said that the charges were made on October 13. The president said, “Unless we recognize what has become so acceptable in our culture and how we possibly, even unconsciously, are participants, everything else will be meaningless.”

The DGA is the last major Hollywood guild to acknowledge the allegations against Weinstein. SAG-AFTRA called the producer’s alleged misconduct “abhorrent and unacceptable,” on October 9. The Writers Guild of America, East spoke about Weinstein’s behavior as well, calling it  “deplorable,” a few days later.

“As directors and team members who solve problems for a living, we are committed to eradicating the scourge of sexual harassment on our industry,” the statement read. Sexual harassment should not be tolerated or hidden and taken seriously. It should be brought into a brighter light.

”Changing culture is a long and difficult journey, but the first step towards that is acknowledgment. With that, I am hopeful that this story will be different than the countless other stories that over the years have been ignored or dismissed. And with the hard work that needs to be done, we can finally be on a road to a better and safer future for all,” Schlamme said.

Many in Hollywood have spoken out against the Weinstein scandal. Skeet Ulrich, Molly Ringwald, Lena Headey, Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen, Lupita Nyong’O, and many others have made statements to The New York Times about their encounters with Weinstein. Nyong’O, the Oscar-winning actress, recalls a series of uncomfortable encounters with Weinstein from her time at Yale School of Drama.

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