Naomi Campbell‘s sworn testimony to the UN War Crimes Tribunal was contradicted by none other than Mia Farrow on Tuesday in The Hague. Campbell has recently been involved in the UN trial featuring Charles Taylor, ex-Liberian president, who is charged with arming, training and commanding rebels to kill and maim thousands of civilians across the Liberian border.

The British fashionista has been linked to Taylor for receiving a gift in 1997, a bundle of uncut diamonds he allegedly procured as payment for weaponry. When asked to testify in the Netherlands, Campbell originally refused until she was forced when faced with a seven-year jail term.

She told the tribunal that she had no idea what the diamonds were or whom they were from. “I have never heard of Charles Taylor before," she told the court. "I had never heard of the country Liberia before. I had never heard of the term ‘blood diamonds’ before.” She went on to claim that she did not even know that the present consisted of the precious commodity, "They were very small, dirty looking stones… I am used to seeing diamonds shiny and in a box.”

Human rights advocate Farrow testified an account that completely refutes Campbell’s original claims. Farrow, who attended a 1997 breakfast for Nelson Mandela in South Africa with the supermodel, told the tribunal in The Hague that “[Campbell] said ‘Oh my God! Last night, I was awakened by men knocking at the door, and it was men sent by Charles Taylor. And he sent me a huge diamond." The actress went on to say, “It was a sort of an unforgettable moment…Naomi Campbell said [the diamonds] came from Charles Taylor…I swear on this bible that that is what Naomi Campbell said.”

Meanwhile, although she could potentially be facing charges of perjury, Campbell has been off partying on yachts in the Mediterranean. On Sunday, she was photographed wearing a white lace dress, mingling with Kevin Spacey, Janet Jackson, and Quincy Jones. –Alex Santos Murry



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