On Dexter's episode Sunday night, entitled, "What's Eating Dexter Morgan," Dexter (Michael C. Hall) wakes up to the sound of Harrison calling, "Daddy, Daddy.” He gets out of bed and follows a trail of a sticky red substance. It leads him to his son who’d eaten a box full of popsicles. Why did he do it? “I love them,” Harrison says innocently. Having done some binging of her own, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is passed out in the driver’s seat of her car. The cop who finds her there has no choice but to bring her in, as she took out a parking meter while pulling into the spot. Instead of calling Dex, she phones Quinn (Desmond Harrington), who leaves Jamie’s (Aimee Garcia) bed to get Deb out of the mess.

The next morning, Dexter is called to the murder scene at Sussman’s cabin. Whoever killed him, the real Brain Surgeon, disguised the murder as a suicide, blowing out his brains post mortem. Vogel (Charlotte Rampling), after getting a text reading, “look outside,” finds “his and hers” boxes with brain fragments. While Dexter is analyzing the gifts at Vogel's, Quinn calls him up to fill him in about Deb’s near-DUI. Vogel is shocked that Deb knows everything. She’s confused that he feels badly about her downward spiral and calls it "unusual" for psychopaths.

At Elway, Deb once again is at work hungover. Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) gives her a concoction to soothe it, which she’s grateful for. When she looks up, she sees her brother. He’s there to talk about her drinking and ask her to have dinner with him that night. She agrees just to get him out of her office.


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Working on Vogel’s mission, Dexter heads to the mall and starts a chat with a guy manning an exercise equipment kiosk. When he shows the guy Vogel’s book, he acts as though he’s never heard of her, when, in fact, she had treated him. When he reports back to Vogel that he’s going to look into her ex-patient’s house, she brings up Deb’s knowledge of his murderous ways again. She explains that Harry wanted there to be a rule that he only kill bad people. Vogel, however, had insisted that the first rule would be “don’t get caught.” She asks Dexter, if not getting caught was his first rule, why would he risk it by letting Deb live. He says it’s because he loves her. Vogel is skeptical.

Battista (David Zayas) is trying to get Quinn the sergeant’s job since he’s dating his sister. While he’s quizzing him for the exam, they come to blows because Battista thinks he’s hopeless. Jamie tells her brother to go easy on Quinn because he’s tired from having to go into work in the middle of the night. When Battista says he wasn’t working, Quinn has no choice but to tell her the truth – he was helping Deb again.

Meanwhile, Deb and Dexter are out to dinner. Dexter brings her to a restaurant where a man whose life she saved is out to eat with his family and implores her to see that she’s a good person – because of her, his kids still have a father, his wife a husband, etc. She seems genuinely touched by the gesture. The next day, however, she’s back to brown-bagging it – swigging back alcohol while watching the video of her saving the man’s life over and over again. Once she’s sufficiently liquored up, she goes to the Miami Metro office and comes face to face with Quinn. She tells him she wants to confess and tells him, “I killed LaGuerta.”

Dexter is at Vogel’s when he gets a call from Quinn who tells him what’s going on. Dex had just been filling Vogel in on what he found at her old patient's house. Though he was definitely a serial killer, he’s not the brain surgeon – he’s a cannibal who likes to keep the brains fully intact before eating them. Dexter asks Vogel to come with him to the station to reason with Deb. When they get there, she’s alone in the interrogation room, scribbling a confession on a yellow legal pad. She starts screaming and crying at the sight of him, threatening to confess his crimes as well. Before any more attention can be drawn to them, Dexter sedates her. He slings her over his shoulder and carries her out as Vogel picks up the confession.

“Vogel was right. I am perfect. But, only at one thing,” Dexter says in voiceover as he puts the cannibal on his killing table.

Next week: Did Harry Morgan kill himself? Will Deb try to make a full confession again? Is Dexter and Dr. Vogel’s partnership headed for ruin?

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