Dennis Rodman originally gained fame for his rebounding prowess on the basketball court and bizarre behavior both on and off the court. But nowadays, he is one of the world’s unlikeliest international diplomats, offering rare insight and access to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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Rodman first traveled to North Korea with Vice Media back in 2013 to hold basketball exhibitions, and he has returned to the Hermit Kingdom a number of times since then on matters of hoops diplomacy. Now he considers both Kim and Donald Trump friends of his, so naturally enough, he made his way to Singapore for the summit between the two heads of state.

Chris Cuomo interviewed Rodman for CNN yesterday while the latter was in Singapore. The hoopster noted that he felt like he was at home the times he was in North Korea and started to get emotional as he recounted the death threats he endured when he returned to America, but he fought through the tears by declaring that today is “a great day!”


Cuomo kept pressing Rodman on the question of whether or not Kim speaks or understands English, which Rodman was kind of dodgy about, but on the matter of whether or not Kim speaks the language of basketball, Rodman assured us, “yes, he understands that.”

On the question of if it is possible that Kim’s pattern of human rights abuses could change, Rodman did not have any specific solutions, but he did express his hope that everyone involved could “have a handshake, have a smile.”

Watch the entire interview below (Rodman starts getting choked up around 5:18):

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