Deepwater Horizon, the story of the oil rig of the same name that caused the BP oil spill, opens with Transocean contractors set to begin work on April 20, 2010 in Louisiana. Before seeing the movie, I was expecting a story that still made all parties in the situation look good. I was pleasantly surprised to see a more truthful depiction that showed the contractors from Transocean defied BP executives and the already catastrophic results would have been so much worse if they’d listened to BP. However, it also showed that the Transocean employees were not without fault either. Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and rig supervisor Jimmy Harrell (Kurt Russell) learn that BP managers Donald Vidrine (John Malkovich) and Robert Kaluza (Brad Leland) are sending home workers (from another company) who were meant to pour concrete and make sure the well was stabilized in addition to administering tests for safety. Transocean was hired to open and drill the well, but due to BP not securing it correctly first, as soon as the well was opened the casualties and damage began.

As Mike gets the team ready, and Robert meets with Donald to try and test for safety but unfortunately it’s already too late. The weak foundation gets more damaged and Jimmy wants to wait to open the well at least until they know what’s going on, in hopes that proof of the instability could halt the work. Donald completely disagrees and doesn’t want to wait so he orders the well to be opened and the Transocean team does what it’s told.

The mission goes well for about a minute and then all hell breaks loose. As the floor is crumbling below them and the first explosion kills six people, Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriguez), the navigation officer, wants to contact the Coast Guard but her boss feels like that isn’t necessary yet. Another honest depiction of misjudgment all too common in emergency situations.

Wahlberg, Russell and Rodriguez give moving performances with realistic emotion and heart. It’s never easy watching a movie that you know has a devastating ending, but hopefully those involved in the real tragedy find some solace in the story telling and fantastic direction by Peter Berg.

After the the actors portraying the survivors return home, the movie included real clips from the devastation and its effects. It also revealed that no one from either BP or Transocean was ever prosecuted for their deadly mistakes.

Pictures of Keith Manuel, Shane Roshto, Roy Kemp, Karl Kleppigner, Adam Weise, Gordon Jones, Dewey Revette, Stephen Curtis, Jason Anderson, Donald Clark and Dale Burkeen who lost their lives are displayed before the credits.

Special features include:
Fury of the Rig: Bringing the incredible rig and explosive stunts to life.
Deepwater Surveillance: Access the set up close with raw footage.
Work Like an American: 8 stories of real American workers.


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Blu-Ray Exclusives include:
Beyond the Horizon: An hour long 5-part series where Mark Wahlberg and the cast meet the real-life heroes from Deepwater Horizon.
Captain of the Rig: Cast members discuss director Peter Berg’s vision in bringing the film to life.

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