Death Valley is widely known as being the hottest place on earth and it has continued to live up the reputation. On Sunday, a location in Death Valley, Furnace Creek, reached a temperature of 130 degrees, 54 Celsius, according to the NOAA Weather Prediction Center.

In order to verify the temperature reading, scientists will conduct a series of tests in a process that can take months. If the outrageous reading does get verified, it will be the highest temperature ever recorded on earth.

The spokeswoman for Death Valley Nation Park, Brandi Stewart explained the valley gets so hot because of the location being lower-than-sea-level and mountains all around. This causes the heat to get trapped. “It’s like stepping into a convection oven every day in July and August,” Stewart said.

When asked about how the 130 degrees temperature feels, Stewart stated, “The feeling of that heat on my face it can almost take your breath away.”

For those like Stewart who live in Death Valley, a sparsely populated area, they are accustomed to the tremendously high temperatures. The temperatures have been in the 120s range normally and have continued to rise over the years with greenhouse gas emissions and California’s continued heatwave.

While there are other places in the world that get much hotter, Death Valley is one of the few places scientists can reliably measure.