A 3-minute commercial for Friskies cat food created by Buzzfeed has gone viral, with close to 5,900,000 views since it was posted online June 5.

Friskies And Buzzfeed Create Viral Ad 'Dear Kitten'

The video, narrated by Buzzfeed’s Ze Frank, was clearly designed to be a viral video ad. Entitled ‘Dear Kitten,’ the video is about an older cat who gives advice to his owner’s new kitten.

“Perhaps you are here to replace me, but I must do my duty in educating you on your new surroundings,” the cat begins before launching into the best rooms of the house (the bedroom) and which spots are best for napping.

“Dear Kitten, you should be aware that there are two kinds of food. The first is sort of a dehydrated brown nibblet. I think they gave us these because they’re training us to be astronauts, just a guess. The second kind is wet food. It is so special, they keep it in little, armored, metal casings that no claw can penetrate. With no claws to speak of, humans can somehow open them. It’s like some dark magic,” the ad continues.

The video doesn’t end there, with the elder cat warning the kitten about the “vaccoom” – the vacuum – and Friskies is never directly mentioned by name, allowing the can of Friskies visible in the video to appear more as product placement than a straightforward commercial.

The video was posted on the Buzzfeed site titled ‘This Video Of A Cat Welcoming A New Kitten Into The home Is Absolutely Adorable,’ though it was clearly marked as an ad, submitted by Friskies as a “Brand Publisher.”

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