Dean Wetter, the husband of Seattle rock band Heart singer Ann Wilson, was given a suspended sentence for assault.

Wetter was sentenced Friday for an altercation in August 2016 where he allegedly choked Wilson’s twin nephews. The incident occurred during a Heart performance in Auburn, Washington.

During the concert, the 16-year-old twins asked their uncle to see Wilson’s new tour bus. While Wetter brought the teens on the bus he told them to keep the door closed so the dogs on the bus wouldn’t escape. As they left the bus, one of the teens left the door open for his brother which enraged Wetter.

Documents say Wetter started yelling after they left the door open, allegedly punching one of them in the head and grabbing him by the throat.

When the other teen stepped in, Wetter allegedly grabbed his throat “and squeezed to the point he could not breathe.”

Wetter pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree assault and received a “suspended sentence” of 364 days in jail, an agreement to make restitution, two years of probation, counseling and no contact with his nephews.


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