Emails between David Beckham and PR advisor Simon Oliveira were recently involved in an alleged blackmail attempt.


A hacker from Eastern Europe or one of the former Soviet Republics allegedly got hold of some private emails of the soccer star and demanded money in exchange for not publishing the text. A spokesman for Beckham said that the emails were “hacked,” “doctored” and “private.” The details of the emails have since been published by the British press.

According to Doyen Sports, a sister company of Doyen Global, which was co-founded by Oliveira, the same hacker has done this to “other sports agencies and sport accountancy firms.” Sources close to Beckham say he was involved with Football Leaks, a sports site similar to Wikileaks.

Doyen Sports refused to pay the hacker and brought the situation to police, who are currently investigating the matter. In the emails, Beckham allegedly gripes about not receiving a knighthood in 2013 and about the other celebrities who got the honor. “It is a disgrace to be honest and if I was American I would of got something like this 10 years ago,” one email read. “Katherine Jenkins OBE for what? Singing at the rugby …  F—ing joke,” read another.

Beckham has yet to comment personally on the matter, but a spokesman said, “this story is based on outdated material and taken out of context.”

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