Justin Bieber reportedly asked David Arquette to exit the after party of his 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas over the weekend.

David Arquette Booted From Party?

Following the taping of his Comedy Central roast Saturday night, Bieber headed off to Las Vegas for a belated birthday celebration at the Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace. Following the massive fete, Bieber took the party to a more intimate setting in a suite atop the Nobu Hotel, where Arquette was not welcome.

“Justin wanted David to leave because he wanted to have a private party with his close friends. This was in his suite after the nightclub appearance,” a source told E! News. “And while he likes David, David is not part of Justin’s inner circle and so David was asked to leave, which he did.”

“It was simply that Justin wanted to be with his close friends,” the sourced added. “He had had a long day and just wanted to be low-key and relax.”

Apparently, another reason Bieber wasn’t keen to have Arquette join his exclusive group – which included the likes of Miguel, Ashley Benson and manager Scooter Braun – was because the actor was heavily intoxicated.

Arquette was “too drunk” a source told Gossip Cop, adding that he had unsuccessfully tried to get into the suite party. “There was no altercation,” the source said, adding that Arquette was merely “escorted out because he was way too drunk.”

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