TikTok fans are getting worked up about a rivalry between social media stars Kerri Gribble and Mikaela Testa.

Gribble, who has 116,000 TikTok followers, is in trouble for calling Testa “fat” in a fiery video.

In the clip, that was shared to Snapchat earlier in the week, Gribble says that “social media is fake” and that “Mikeala Testa is fat in person.”

Testa, who has approximately 3.1 million TikTok followers, and her fans shot back at Gribble. One fan of Testa wrote, “Will not be buying from [sponsor] White Fox anymore if they’re supporting someone who body shames other women.”


Gribble posted a video showing her full body with a caption underneath saying, “I don’t give no f##ks.”

White Fox cut ties with Gribble and was quick to reply in the clip’s comments: “Hi babe! She is no longer an affiliate of the brand.”

In the aftermath of the controversy, Gribble has apologized, claiming that there was “more to the story.”

“I’m still a human, I make mistakes, I say bad things, I yell, I scream, I cry, I don’t do anything different to absolutely anybody else. I am so happy to be me, and that I’m grown and mature enough to forgive and love myself even after making mistakes,” Gribble wrote.

Within the apology, which many social media users felt was a bit lackluster, she added that she did not realize “fat” was an insult. The lengthy mea culpa ended with Gribble admitting that the clip was uploaded while she was drunk.

Last month, Testa was criticized for her weight gain while she attended a White Fox boutique event. In response to these criticisms, she said, “Maybe I like being bigger, maybe I like being thick.”


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