It seems like Kim Kardashian was having a heck of a time in a sauna this week pouting her lips and wearing a small black bikini top in an image shared among her millions of followers on Instagram.

The mother of four angled the camera to not just include her curves, but also a grey-and-white towel draped across the floor behind her.

In another image, Kardashian gets cozy with one of her friends.

The “steamy” selfies come after her daughter North West sparked controversy over a video she shared to TikTok.


In the short clip, the nine-year-old West feeds her dogs, first with lettuce and then with a pear.

The controversy comes from where the pooches were being fed.

In the later stages of the video, the room is shown where the pups reside. A Christmas tree as well as Christmas stockings are still being stored in the room even after the New Year’s holidays.

Some fans were disturbed that The Kardashians star keeps her family dogs in the garage.

User @NeedTheDeets reposted the clip, writing on why Kardashian seemingly deleted her daughter’s TikTok clip. “This video was deleted from North’s account. Is it because Kim Kardashian doesn’t want people to think they keep their dogs in the garage?”

One of the more bizarre reactions to this pointed out that the dogs did not match the “aesthetic” of her $60-million home, adding that Kardashian’s uniforms for her staff are all neutrals to match the “zen” decor.

Another commenter wrote to the star’s defense, “In the garage and still got their own Christmas tree. Those dogs are perfectly fine.”

Since being adopted in 2017, the pair of pups have made numerous appearances on Kardashian’s Instagram. One appearance with the dogs last year shows them alongside the young West.

Caser Milan, known as “The Dog Whisperer,” assisted the Kardashian with her pup Sushi due to the dog’s persistent barking.

Milan told Kardashian that the dog’s behavior was down to a lack of boundaries and too much rewarding.

Kardashian had once tried to switch Sushi out for her niece’s dog Honey, but Kourtney Kardashian shut that down quickly, reportedly claiming that Kim “doesn’t even like dogs.”

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