Jeffrey Epstein received surprisingly lenient treatment during his time in a Florida jail leading critics to speculate whether he used his connections in order to make his more confinement more tolerable.

Though Epstein was being treated differently than other inmates, authorities are not being accused of violating any laws.

Epstein was placed in a separate and more private unit during his time in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Offices – Stockade. Forbes reports that authorities justified this by saying that they believed other prisoners were putting him at risk “of being extorted … and/or (Epstein was) extorting other inmates.”

After authorities believed it to be safe, Epstein was allowed to leave the Palm Beach County Stockade and visit his home for “up to 12 hours” a day.

Having permission from authorities to leave prison for a limited amount of time is known as “work release.” During his work release, he allegedly sexually assaulted two women, but there was not enough evidence to charge him.

It has been determined by state investigators in Florida that authorities were in no way influenced by “bribery, coercion, or corruption.”

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