YouTube channel Kruger Sightings released a new video on Tuesday, and the baby elephant caught on this video has melted the hearts of over two million viewers.

Baby Elephant Chases Birds In ‘Baby Elephant Vs. Birds’ Video

Kruger Sightings is a YouTube channel that uploads entertaining footage of animals, that reside in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

After the devastating loss of the renown animal Cecil The Lion, Kruger Sightings decided to “cheer everyone up with a video that will make you cry of happiness, rather than sadness.”

The video was filmed on the park’s H3 path near Berg en Dal. The camera captures an adorable baby elephant running slowly along the path. Suddenly, a flock of birds are seen flying around the curious baby elephant and the young animal decides to have a little fun.

While the birds are flying around the path, the elephant picks up her pace and begins to chase the birds around in circles.

You can tell that the elephant is still a baby by the way she steps on her toes, tripping over her feet a few times. This scene will definitely make you smile.

The baby elephant tries to find her footing to keep up with the flying birds, but hilariously gives up and walks back into the forest.

Check out the baby elephant’s fun game of “chase the birds” for yourself:

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