Anthony Weiner was forced to answer to charges that he had continued sexting with random women after he resigned from Congress in 2011. While his casual admission of guilt during his public statement was certainly noted, so was the guy in the background who kept peeking out from over his cubicle wall.

It’s believed that the curious man with the gray hair and glasses was New York WOR Radio reporter Jeff McKinney. Instead of taking a spot among the rest of the reporters out of the camera’s gaze, McKinney found some suitable space behind the mayoral candidate and his wife Huma Abedin. People watching the presser couldn't help but notice him, and videos of the distracting reporter have since gone viral.

Referring to himself in the third-person on WCCO Radio, McKinley said, "'Cubicle guy' had no idea that he was 'cubicle guy.' 'Cubicle Guy' was just there. He was taking notes. He was standing behind Anthony Weiner, because that was the only available spot [for] him. Because Cubicle Guy was late to the news conference, but as it turns out not as late as Anthony Weiner."

During his presser, Weiner admitted that there was truth to the latest sexting accusations, and claimed to be surprised that they hadn’t come out sooner. He went on to state that he had already apologized to Abedin for his continued indiscretions. Abedin also took to the microphone at one point to speak on behalf of her husband.

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