Luckily for Courteney Cox, she's got her work to fall back on in tough times. The Cougar Town star credited her show with helping her get through her separation from husband David Arquette.

"Thank God for the show," Cox said to People. "There have been times when Bill [Lawrence, the director] has said, 'Are you all right? Do we need to take a break?' I'm like, 'Are you kidding? This is my saving grace.'"

The former Friends star, who has been very supportive of her husband's decision to enter rehab for depression, also spoke about the public's curiosity concerning her personal life. "I'm kind of used to it, but as I get older I'm getting probably a little more sensitive. So it might be harder in some ways. Obviously, my life is kind of crazy right now and I'm getting a lot of that," she added. "So it's probably a little harder for me to be used to it."

Cougar Town returned from its midseason break on January 5. —ISHITA SINGH

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