Casey White, an inmate who escaped from prison in Alabama has been indicted for the death of Vicky White, a corrections officer who reportedly aided him in escaping earlier this year. She was found dead on May 9 from what authorities first thought was a self-inflicted gunshot wound after her and Casey’s vehicle crashed in Indiana.

Casey White was then arrested, and he was charged with first-degree escape and as well as felony murder now. The new indictment claims that he “caused the death of Vicky White,” during the manhunt. They were on the run for 11 days, and Vicky White was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head after their car had crashed in a chase with police.

It is believed that Casey and Vicky, who were not related, came up with the escape plan after developing a secret romantic relationship. Vicky White may have been preparing for this escape in the weeks leading up to it, as she filed resignation paperwork and sold her house before it happened.

Casey White was serving a 75-year prison sentence for several 2015 crimes including a home invasion, and carjacking which led to a police chase. He’s also the prime suspect in the murder of Connie Ridgeway, according to the Lauderdale County, Alabama DA.

Vicky broke Casey out of jail by driving off with him in a patrol car under the guise of taking him to get a mental health evaluation. Officials claimed that they had established a “suicide pact” where Vicky would kill herself and Casey would die in a police shootout if caught. Casey did not participate in any such shootout when he was arrested.

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