Forget jedi powers and a lightsaber, turns out all that’s needed to defeat iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader is a good aim and a bottle of salad dressing.

Convenience Store Clerk Fights Off Robber Dressed As Darth Vader

Police say that a surveillance video allegedly shows a man, Jacob Mercer, 32, dressed as Darth Vader enter a Jacksonville Beach convenience store around 5:25 a.m. on Sunday and brandish a gun, attempting to rob the money in the register.

Mercer then threatens a brave clerk with the weapon. The clerk struggled with Mercer and refused to give up any cash, grabbed a jar of dressing and flung it at the Vader look-alike, slamming him in the helmet.

Mercer sustained some serious cuts and quickly bolted from the “8 Till Late” store, getting in his car and speeding off. He didn’t go far, however, and was picked up by police three blocks away from the convenience store at his friend’s house.

Police later surmised the gun used by Mercer was probably a fake. Bar Mercer, no one in the store was harmed in the incident.

The force is certainly strong with this lucky, quick-thinking clerk.

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